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Dr. Richard Cooper (EPDI Manager)

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    Open Data in Developing Countries: Emerging Insights from Phase I

    Posted by Richard Cooper at Jul 16, 2014 03:22 AM |
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    This report brings together insights from the first phase of the Open Data in Developing Countries research and research capacity building program coordinated by the World Wide Web Foundation, providing a snapshot of key points and provocations for wider debate and discussion.

    Key insights
    - (1) There are many gaps to overcome before open data availability can lead to
    widespread effective use and impact
    - (2) There is a frequent mismatch between open data supply and demand in
    developing countries
    - (3) Open data initiatives can create new spaces for civil society to pursue
    government accountability and effectiveness
    - (4) Working on open data projects can change how government creates, prepares
    and uses its own data
    - (5) Intermediaries are vital to both the supply and the use of open data

    Source: http://www.opendataresearch.org/content/2014/704/open-data-developing-countries-emerging-insights-phase-i

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      Last updated: Jul 16, 2014
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