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Demo (Core) Products

These products are commonly used by the Plone community, and/or with relatively long histories of development.

Blog (Scrawl)

A blogging product called Scrawl

Blog (Scrawl) - Read More…

Discussion Forum

The Discussion Forum is based on the embeddable Nabble forum.

Discussion Forum - Read More…

Forms and Surveys

Allows development of web forms via a through-the-web user interface.

Forms and Surveys - Read More…

Electronic Newsletter

EasyNewsletter is a powerful and simple product for creating and mailing electronic newsletters.

Electronic Newsletter - Read More…

Full-Text Indexing

The EPDItemplate provides full-text searching for a range of file formats, including MSOffice, PDF and open formats

Full-Text Indexing - Read More…

Google Map

Insert a Google map with markers and polylines

Google Map - Read More…

Google Sitemaps

To improve visibility of Plone websites to Google search engine

Google Sitemaps - Read More…

Image Editor

Provides image editing functionality.

Image Editor - Read More…

Maps (ProductsMaps)

Products.Maps is an easy to use product to display Google Maps with different coloured markers.

Maps (ProductsMaps) - Read More…

Multilingual Site

Linguaplone provide supports for creating a multilingual site

Multilingual Site - Read More…

Page Portlets (ContentWellPortlets)

Allows insertion of portlets into the central column in a page.

Page Portlets (ContentWellPortlets) - Read More…

Page WYSIWYG editors

TinyMCE (site default) and Kupu are offered as page editor options.

Page WYSIWYG editors - Read More…

Plomino (database product)

Plomino enables the development of databases.

Plomino (database product) - Read More…

Tag Cloud Portlet (cumulus)

Enables display of site's keywords/tags using a Flash movie that rotates them in 3D.

Tag Cloud Portlet (cumulus) - Read More…

Last updated: Jan 16, 2012

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