EPDI seeks to improve stakeholder access to environmental information through implementation of practical web-based information systems and project management services.

Dr. Richard Cooper (EPDI Manager)

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    Welcome to EPDI

    The overall aim of the EnviroProjects Digital Initiative is to enhance environmental awareness though improved online access and communication of environmental data and information.


    EPDI service areas include:

    • management of international environmental projects; and
    • provision of environmental information/knowledge management platforms including

    (i) development of open source content management systems (based on Plone), and

    (ii) geospatial applications (focusing on metadata catalogue/geographic visualisation using GeoNetwork Opensource).


    Project Management

    Ongoing work includes coordinating research teams in Bangkok, Manila and Lagos from the IDRC-funded project - Coastal Cities at Risk (CCaR): Building Adaptive Capacity for Managing Climate Change in Coastal Megacities. Recent experience also includes managing the global UNEP/GEF IWLEARN project.

    Together with colleagues based at the Southeast Asia START Regional Centre, Chulalongkorn University, and an international network of contacts, EPDI has capacity to manage projects of various scopes and sizes.


    Environmental Information/ Knowledge Management

    Information/knowledge management is about getting the right information to the right people at the right time and in an understandable form that can improve decision-making. The following services offer environmental projects and organisations potential to enhance their digital capacity and to improve sharing of information and knowledge.


    Website services

    EPDI has specifically designed a Website Template to simplify customisation and content development efforts, thereby reducing time and cost in developing a website portal and subsequent content management.

    The Website Template is based on the popular Plone content management system, and can accommodate the knowledge management needs of the smallest project to the largest organisation (e.g., European Environment Agency, Oxfam, Brazilian Government, Amnesty International). The Website Template is especially suited to environmental projects and programmes, that are typically short-term in nature and demand that a modern multi-functional web portal is developed quickly and effectively.


    Geospatial services

    Currently these focus on implementing the open source GeoNetwork application - a geospatial metadata catalogue and geographic data visualisation platform. In order to ensure that stakeholders have long-term access to environmental information resources, this system offers a platform for cataloguing geographic and non-geographic information resources, and is extensively used by international, regional and national agencies worldwide.


    Online systems developed by EPDI are all open source, implementing various international and open standards, including those for useability and metadata.


    Organisations using these systems can be found here:

    Plone-based sites


    GeoNetwork Opensource gallery of sites.


    Download EPDI flyer


    About the EPDI manager

    About the authorDr. Richard Cooper is environmental specialist and project manager, based at the Southeast Asia START Regional Centre in Bangkok, Thailand, and former co-manager of the UNEP/GEF IWLEARN projectRead more....

      Visit EPDI's Website Template

      Visit the EPDI Website Template

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