EPDI can support the knowledge management needs of environmental projects, programmes and organisations, and can apply its Website Template to reduce the time and effort in developing an effective internet presence.

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    Website Services

    EPDI's Website Services are based on the open source Plone content management system, and has also developed a Website Template to reduce time and cost in developing and managing a site.


    The EPDI Website Template is based on the popular Plone-4 content management system (CMS). The Template extends the features and functionality of the core Plone CMS by incorporating a range of products and is designed to simplify development and content management.

    Key features and functionalities of Plone

    Open source software

    • Plone is free to use, modify and distribute


    Widely used

    Extensive functionality

    • where new products can be integrated into the website to give additional features and functionality

    Standards compliant

    • XHTML and CSS compliant to enable viewing in different browsers and enhance search engine visibility
    • Accessibility compliant for visual and motor impaired users‏


    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


    Additional features and functions incorporated into the Website Template

    A wide range of products have been installed into the Website Template, which bring a variety of additional features and functions to a site.


    Products installed have been broadly differentiated as core and non-core. Core products include those commonly used by the Plone users' community, and/or with relatively long histories of development. Non-core products include those products that may be relatively new and/or with a more specialised audience of users, and while very useable, they are more likely to be under ongoing development.

    Core products

    Blog (Scrawl)
    Discussion Forum
    Electronic Newsletter
    Forms and Surveys
    Full-Text Indexing
    Google Map
    Google/YouTube Video
    Image editor
    Multilingual Site
    Multiple file upload
    Page portlets (ContentWellPortlets)
    Plomino (database product)
    Maps (ProductsMaps)
    Page portlets (PortletPages)
    Page WYSIWYG editors
    Tag cloud portlet (cumulus)


    Non-core products

    Calendar of Events (Solgema)
    File Download Counter
    Last Updated
    Portlet containing multiple RSS feeds
    Rotating banners
    Rotating page images
    Social Bookmarks
    Tag cloud portlet (vapourisation)
    Themes (Pre-installed)
    Twitter account
    Userlist/Last Login

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